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As many of you will be aware Jacqueline and I house sit around the world as a way to experience non-tourist locations and save on travel costs. We obtain the house sits via various house sitting websites and I intend to write some more posts about our house sitting lifestyle and how it all works – so stay tuned.Jacqueline recently entered the annual HouseSitMatch blog competition with an article on ‘What we’ve learned about House Sitting’  and was selected as one of the seven finalists. The winner will be the blog that receives the most votes and the voting closes on Saturday night (UK time). We’d like to ask our ‘massive’ group of followers if they would be so kind as to vote for her.

Simply follow this link – VOTE FOR JACQUELINE and vote for Finalist number 2. We’ll let you know the final results next week. Thanks in advance.

PS – my next post will come out in the next few days and will contain more info about our trip to Jordan…..

3 thoughts on “Blogging Competition

  1. I just voted! Would love to see more about how house sitting works for you guys. Something we’re interested in doing in the future 😊

    1. Hi Zac, thanks for voting!! I’m going to add a house sitting section to the blog in the future to explain more about it.
      It’s a great lifestyle and we love it. Stay tuned.
      You can also contact us at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. Happy travels.

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