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Roving retirees - picture at Sukhothai, Thailand
Us at Sukhothai, Thailand

About Us

Hi, we are Glenn and Jacqueline, two active “middle-aged” Australians that took a year off from our ‘real lives’ in late 2015 to search out options for how we might spend our retirement years. We love travel and have visited many countries over the last 25 odd years. We lived in Edinburgh for 8 years and thoroughly enjoyed the many experiences that living in a foreign country could offer. As such, exploring new, potential places to live presents few challenges for us. On the contrary, it excites us.

During our year off we discovered that we could afford to travel far more widely and cheaply than we originally envisaged. This was achieved by doing house sitting as a way to visit places and not have to pay for accommodation. We returned to Australia in October 2016 and spent the next 6 months selling almost everything that we owned, rented our house out and left for full-time travel on 9th April 2017.

More info about that period in our life appeared in this article on House Sitting Magazine “how we became international house sitters”.

This blog has articles about the way we approached our year away, places we’ve visited and our experiences along the way. It’s not a travel guide but includes interesting posts about places you may not be aware of. We hope it will provide insight for others that might be thinking of doing something similar as roving retirees and information about the places we have visited.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences too. Feel free to comment or contact us.

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4 thoughts on “About Us & This Blog

  1. Hello, Jacky and Glenn,
    We are a Mexican couple of retirees with 3 independent, grown up sons.
    We live in chihuahua, city, near Copper Canyon, which you can visit by train called The Chepe.

    We love to travel and we are excited to visit different environments. we have been traveling a few years and also sitting homes since 2015.
    This is how we got to know you, Lovely Rose from Rio Gordo Málaga, told us about you, after we went to sat her house, next time you both went and had a great experience with you.

    We do not smoke and we are healthy and strong.
    I would like to know more about the possibilitie to go to Australia for a year. Not to hot, not to cold…jejeje
    maybe you can advice us in how to start…
    We are only starting with the idea, maybe rent our home as you did, or look for a swap.
    You can contact us whenever you like …
    We hope to hear from you soon.
    Miguel and Ana

    1. Hello Miguel and Ana, sorry it has taken a few days to reply to you.
      Rose in Riogordo is a lovely lady and we are glad she mentioned us to you. We would be happy to try and help you with some information about Australia.
      Contact us via email at admin@lambiestravels.com or our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/lambiestravels and we can start a discussion.
      We look forward to hearing back from you.
      Glenn & Jacqueline

  2. Hi Jacqui and Glen, just been looking through your blog, looks like plenty of excellent adventures for the two of you.
    I also see that you will be back down under soon, be good to catch up for a coffee/hot chocolate…

    Happy New Year for 2018 be seeing you soon

    safe travels

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